A prominent and vital US Government agency located in Manhattan’s Chelsea area, was badly flooded and out of commission due to Hurricane Sandy.

PROBLEM: The building’s basement was flooded, rendering the existing heating and hot water systems useless for the foreseeable future. Generators were supplying electricity, but the ensuing shortage of fuel in the Tri-State area was a concern. Temperatures dipped into the 30s and the building was without heat. With critical and sensitive operational assets at issue, the US Government Agency tenants needed to get back up and running ASAP!

SOLUTION: Out-of-the-box thinking and round-the-clock hard work. East Coast Mechanical built a temporary, fully-functional 600hp boiler to service the building, ON THE SIDEWALK! Within two days, East Coast was able to provide heat/hot water to the multi-million square foot commercial structure. East Coast Petroleum provided the fuel oil to run that system.

RESULT: East Coast Energy Group provided crucial services that allowed an important US Governmental agencies to maintain critical operations at a very vulnerable time for NYC. East Coast Mechanical has since repaired the existing boilers and heating systems and continues to service the building.